Free Mac Repair Tips

Free Mac Emergency Tips & Tricks

If you are on a deadline here are a few things you can try to get you out of a spot. If the problems persist you can always call Mac Doctor for fast on site service. Your user needs to be an Administrator and you need the password.

Check your cables
It is amazing how often reseating a cable by pulling it out and putting it firmly back in can fix problems.

Disconnect Devices
A peripheral connected to your Mac is often the source of problems. To test for this disconnect everything, apart from the power, keyboard and mouse and then restart. If the problem goes away, you can progressively plug each device back in until the problem returns. External hard disks are a common offender here but in rare cases it could also be the keyboard or mouse. Once again, feel free to call Mac Doctor for help.

Force Quit
If an application is not responding you can try a force quit and then relaunch the application. Hopefully the problem may not return. Hold down option and command and press escape. A list of your running applications will appear. Select the one that is not responding and click force quit. The Finder can also be relaunched here if your icons look strange or a file copy has stopped.

Log Out
Go Apple menu / Log Out (your account name). Then log back in. This will reset any open files or applications

A problem can occur after you open certain programs or files and memory can get allocated incorrectly. A restart will set things back to default. Running only one application at a time will also simplify things.

Substitute Applications
If only one application is causing problems you could try using a substitute application: Pages instead of Word or Google Chrome instead of Safari.

Repair Disk Permissions
Launch Disk Utility from Applications folder/Utilities folder. Select your startup disk. Click Repair Disk Permissions. It may take quite a while to work it's magic. When it's done, restart and see if your problem has vanished.

Start from your recovery partition , repair and reinstall

Reboot and hold down Command R
Open the Utilities menu on the menu bar and choose Disk Utility. Choose Repair Disk and wait. If problems are reported and fixed, repeat the process until no problems are reported
Next click reinstall OS X .
Disk Utility will also report on the built-in diagnostics for modern drives. The "S.M.A.R.T." diagnostic should read "Verified". If your drive is failing you should contact MacDoctor ASAP. We can help you with data recovery and migration to a new hard drive.

Font Problems
A corrupt font can crash an application, stop a document printing or just look strange.
FontBook in your Applications folder can check for font problems. Select the All Fonts Collection. Click in the fonts list and select edit/select all. Now select File / Validate Fonts. If it finds any errors change All to Warning on Errors from the top right drop down menu in the Font Validation window. Click Check All fonts in the bottom right and click Remove Checked. The problem fonts will be removed.

Reinstall or Update the Application
If a non Apple application is giving you trouble you can try reinstalling it. Try to uninstall it first. Look for an uninstall application in the application's folder. The installer itself may offer an uninstall option . If there is no option to uninstall, delete the application and it's associated files. Look in Users/Your User/Library/preferences for the preference file. Look in Users/Your User/Library/Application Support for support files. Once you have reinstalled the application is is a great idea to check that you have the latest version installed. Newer versions are usually more stable. If you are unsure how to do this, it would be a good time to call MacDoctor.

Reset the PRAM
PRAM is memory that holds setting for your Mac. It can become corrupted by crashes or power spikes. To reset it hold down option, command and the P and R keys immediately after restarting your Mac. Wait until you hear the startup sound again then release the keys. This is most useful when resolving startup disk errors.

Network Problems
A Network is a connection between at least two computers.
Connection problems may be your setup, or it may be your provider.
If your service provider is experiencing problems the connection will return in time. You may need to reset you Modem or Router to re-establish communication. Simply turn it off , wait a few seconds and then turn it back on.

If resetting your hardware did not fix anything try changing your Network Location setting. Go System Preferences/Network and note your current network settings. Most commonly you would use Ethernet or Airport with DHCP. Now select the Location menu. Select Edit Locations. Create a new location by clicking the plus sign. Set the new location to the same settings as your old one. If you were using DHCP you will need to click Advanced and then click Renew DHCP Lease. Click OK.
If none of the above has worked the problem may be the device settings. These can be corrupted by a power spike. MacDoctor are happy to help with restoring your connection.

Run the Mac's maintenance routines
If you keep your Mac on 24 hours a day (without letting it go to sleep, and you stay up all night, you will likely find that the Mac appears to start doing some work on its own during the wee hours. This is the Mac running useful maintenance procedures at a time when it figures you are asleep. If you regularly turn your Mac off, your Mac may never get to do this maintenance. This, in turn, can precipitate assorted problems, such as a mysterious decline in your unused hard drive space. To fix this, you can simply leave your Mac on all night. Or, for faster results, you can run the maintenance routines yourself. Several third-party utilities can help out here (such as MacJanitor and Macaroni). If you want to stick with Mac OS X software, here's what you can do:
Launch Terminal.
Type sudo periodic daily weekly monthly and press Return.
Enter your administrator's password when asked, and press Return again. Wait until the command line prompt reappears (it may take several minutes).

Disable Login Items
It could be a startup item that is causing the problem.
Disable startup items by log out from the Apple Menu and then log in again while holding the shift key down.
If the problem is gone you can deselect your startup items by going Apple Menu/System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items.
This will be a temporary fix and you should call MacDoctor to address the source of the problem.

Create a new User
OS X is based on Unix which is designed to have many individual users, each with their own files and settings. Your problem may be related to your User rather than the System in general. You can create a brand new User and see it the problem goes away. To create a new User go Apple Menu/System Preferences/Accounts
Click the padlock and enter you password, then click the plus sign to create a new user. We recommend you change standard to administrator as it makes installing item easier.
Log out from the Apple Menu and then log in as your new User
If the problem has gone then MacDoctor can help you move your files,mail and settings to the new user.

If all else fail - Contact us for a fast fix

Remote Support
We can provide cost effective, remote support using your broadband connection and phone. All you need to do is download and install a small program which takes about 2 minutes. We make an appointment to phone you and talk through the problem. Any necessary repairs can be made securley by remote control as if we were sitting in front of it.
Data Recovery

Hard disk failed? We are very successful and cost effective at recovering lost data. We are oftern less than half the cost that other recovery services quote.
We can recover data from corrupted or formatted disks. We can install a new disk in your Mac, install a fresh Mac OS, install all your programs and restore your data. Even severe mechanical problems can be overcome by a clean room hardware rebuild.

On Site Service
The fastest and most convenient way to get up and running is to have an experienced consultant come to your home or office
We bring the latest tools and equipment to make sure your Mac and everything connected to it is working.
Any internet and mail problems are best resolved using your local connection.