Apple Mac Service and Repair
Sydney and Suburbs
Personal On Site Service

On-Site Software Troubleshooting
If your Mac is behaving erratically we will fix it.

Hard Disk Data Recovery
We are very successful at finding missing disks and data.

Easy Backup Solutions
The best disaster insurance for less than $80.00.

Preventative Maintenance
Maintain your productivity by avoiding problems.

PC & Mac Network integration
No Mac is an island, we can help with co-existence.

Convert to Mac or Upgrade to Sierra
Upgrade from Windows or an older Mac OS, we make it easy.

Vintage Mac Support
Apple will not support a Mac older than 3 years. It is "vintage" or "legacy"
Your only option is to discard your old Mac and buy a new one .... Or you can come to us.
We have the depth of experience to get your older Mac running like new.

Best ADSL and NBN Deals
Amazing value! You can now get a lot more for less.

Maximise Your Mac
The latest peripherals, RAM and hard disk upgrades - including SSDs.

Pre Loved Macs
Fully refurbished budget Macs available with warranty.



Remote Support
We can provide cost effective, remote support using your broadband connection and phone. All you need to do is download and install a small program which takes about 2 minutes. We make an appointment to phone you and talk through the problem. Any necessary repairs can be made securley by remote control as if we were sitting in front of it.
Data Recovery

Hard disk failed? We are very successful and cost effective at recovering lost data. We are oftern less than half the cost that other recovery services quote.
We can recover data from corrupted or formatted disks. We can install a new disk in your Mac, install a fresh Mac OS, install all your programs and restore your data. Even severe mechanical problems can be overcome by a clean room hardware rebuild.

On Site Service
The fastest and most convenient way to get up and running is to have an experienced consultant come to your home or office
We bring the latest tools and equipment to make sure your Mac and everything connected to it is working.
Any internet and mail problems are best resolved using your local connection.